Gray and White and Cloudy

some glimpses of my world… in monochrome


As is clear, I don’t know what I’m really doing with this blog. I need a mission statement. 


mind-boggling family

Just how did you come up with that, Grandpa?

Mukava… saunan jälkeen

children in a sauna (black and white)

photo by Benno Bartocha, used with permission

new(?) exclamation point

I was tempted to mention this clip in the discussion/comments on the Language Log “new exclamation point” post, but decided these releases are breathy rather than voiced, so didn’t.

gray and white and cloudy

I’m liking this monochrome look, which up until now was unintentional…

… but now I’m likely to hesitate about posting anything in color.

Good night, Gentle Jesus. Sleep well.


feeling like a careless trapes

Trapes: An opprobrious name for a woman or girl slovenly in person or habits; ‘a dangling slattern’ (OED)

via The virtual linguist: Slammakin.